General information about Tokyo:


  • O1O1 - many floors of fantastic Japanese boutiques w/reasonable prices & unique pieces not found in U.S., great little restaurants & tea shops
  • Les Printemps - many floors of Japanese designers in little boutiques, reasonably priced
  • J. Ferry - tiny boutique in Ginza with amazing & unusual goods, great gifts
  • Miyazaki Pearls - Nishi Azabu (with Leslie) (page in Japanese but can see photos)
  • 100 Yen store - Daiso Takeshita dori near Harajuku station.
  • Sanrio World Ginza (world's largest collection of Sanrio/Hello Kitty, also the best place to get an official Hello Kitty manicure)
  • Oriental Bazaar - good for buying reasonable souvenirs (Omote Sando - near Harajuku station)
  • Sou Sou - colorful Japanese fabric in contemporary clothing/tabi for men & women (5-3-10 Minami-Aoyama, near Omote Sando)
  • La Foret -- Harajuku/Omote Sando, 6 floors of amazing boutique stores & restaurants
  • All department stores (spectacular food displays): Isetan, Takashimaya, Matsuya, Matsuzakaya, Mitsukoshi
  • Uniqlo (low cost/high quality clothing, flagship store Ginza, outlets everywhere)
  • Muji (no-brand store, sells everything flagship store Yurakucho, outlets everywhere)
  • Loft (sells everything, giant outlet next to Muji Yurakucho, big store in Shibuya)
  • Tokyu Hands (sells everything, flagship store Shibuya, many outlets)

Tokyo Day Onsens (Oedo is most highly recommended for an all-encompassing, amazing theme park experience, stepping back into a bygone era; the others provide more quiet and tranquility -- try both kinds!):

     Oedo Onsen Monogatari -- or most highly recommended (35 minues by train  from Roppongi, traditional Edo setting, restaurants, yukata included in price, outside co-ed foot bath area

     La Qua -- -- 25 minutes by train from Roppongi, Healing Baden recommended, located under roller coaster of Korakuen Amusement Park

     Ofuro no Ousama -- --/shop/ooimachi/pricelist.html -- 25 minutes by train from Roppongi, bubbly water, only a few years old, most reasonable price

     Sakura -- -- 30 minutes from Roppongi, free shuttle bus from Sugamo station, atmosphere of old Japanese inn, good quality water, many outside baths, restaurant, reasonable price doesn't include towels or yukata

Suburban Traditional Onsens:

     Yukemuri no Sato, Miyamaedaira -- -- On Den-en Toshi line, 35 minutes from Roppongi, many outside baths, restaurant, includes towel and yukata

     Shiraku no Yu -- -- Yako station of JR Nambu line, traditional wooden baths, outdoor baths, soba restaurant

Day Onsen in Outlying Areas:

     Oosenkaku in Takaragawa, Gunma Prefecture -- -- Joetsu Shinkansen to Jomo-kogen station (1 hour 40 minutes from Roppongi), this place is worth an overnight stay w/four huge outdoor baths, the largest in Japan, baths straddle the rapid Takaragawa river

     Tenzan in Hakone Yumoto -- -- (see also, a descriptive gaijin blog), traditional Japanese, most baths outside, cave bath in women's area, restaurants, resting area overlooking river (a day onsen with hotel facilities nearby)