At past reunions, it has been an unofficial custom to take up a collection to purchase a "thank you" gift for the organizers. 

Leslie and Annie, in lieu of a gift, ask that you give a donation of any size to ASIJ!  We are overwhelmed by the generosity, encouragement and support ASIJ has given us: hosting our welcome reception; rolling out the red carpet for our day at school (hospitality room, choose-whatever-you-want lunch in the cafeteria, observing classes, exchanging ideas with students during activity period, sharing expertise, video booth to record our impression and comments to be posted on our website); free tickets to the spring musical with return to hotel on school buses; production of slide show with soundtrack for welcome dinner; custom ASIJ photo nametags; discounted rate at hotel; yen pre-payment to restaurants; working behind the scenes continually with us -- The Royal Treatment!

Giving is easy at the link below.  Please be generous in gratitude for all ASIJ has given us in the past and most certainly for all our school is doing to ensure we experience the best reunion ever! (Donations are tax deductible in both the United States and Japan.)

Anything left over from registration fees will also be donated to ASIJ.  The total amount of our gift will be announced at the Welcome Dinner -- so please let's make it a gift we can be proud of!  THANK YOU!