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Daniel Marsh
College Professor Married 2 1966
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david bogenrief
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veterinarian Single 2 1967
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David Bradford
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University Professor Married 4 1966
That was a fast 50 years! Came out of college in 1969, but went right back to graduate school and into the Air Force Reserves.  Called to active duty in 1972, did not leave Federal Service until 1996.  Had a great Federal career serving in DoD and State....worked closely with Ambassador Mansfield when he was Ambassador to Japan.  Went back to teaching soon as I left the Federals....middle school, high school, community college, college, university, and graduate school professor in public administration.  Still teaching and will until I draw my last breath!  I write, edit, teach, write, edit,, F2F, hybrid, under about six different subjects, so I am never bored and constantly busy.  I have been reading alot lately about Dr. Harris and mimicking our senior year class in "Problems of Democracy".  He really influenced me a lot and it turns out, he was a progeny in international relationships.  He certainly influenced my foreign policy decisions when I was State's Deputy Foreign Policy Advisor for the Pacific Command.  I talk and work with my twin daily as we attempt to understand this Administration's comings and goings in the Pacific and elsewhere, but that is a two Typhoon Sapporo discussion which I hope will occur in our April reunion! Send David a MessageSend David a Message
David Hass
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RETIRED N/A Widowed 1966
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Debbie Huchinson (Rivers)
co-owner of NOrth Coast Properties, Inc. Real Estate Married 3 1970
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Deko Ellie (Shibata)
entertainment producer Divorced 1 1966
I am really looking forward to be seeing all my old friends from ASIJ.
If you need to know anything about Tokyo, let me know, will advice where to go etc.,
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Don Worth
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Auto repair Married 2 1966
Sorry about the picture being sideways, it's not a statement.  After transferring from Amherst to UC Berkeley, I graduated in Japanese studies with an emphasis on religion.  It was a wonderful and chaotic time, as you will remember.  I decided I didn't want to become a scholar so I studied auto repair, worked 8 years as a mechanic, and opened an auto shop with a friend.  We specialize in Volvo, Toyota, Lexus, and Scion.  I'm now trying to figure out an ending.  Not the big ending, but an ending for my career. I've been transitioning my efforts from auto repair to learning the alto sax, which would be a lot easier if I had more talent.
  I'm lucky to be happily married now and for the last 38 years to Dorothy.  We have 2 sons, Morgan (Gus) and Louis (pronounced Lou-ee). One's married and the other will be in October.
  I'd like to echo the thanks others have expressed to Annie and Leslie.
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Don-Michael Bradford
Politcal-MilitaryAdvisor Married 4 1966
Currently sitting in my office in Okinawa and up pops the Annie and Leslie showcase website.  Great job ladies.  Have had this wonderful military and government career as engineer, prosecutor, commanding officer, diplomat and treaty advisory all around the world----Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, Roma, Sarajevo, London, Paris, Moscow, and the troubled but most wonderful place----Okinawa.  Collectively my US and Japan colleagues are going to solve and improve the US-Okinawa base relationship-----for the good of all concerned.

I will be going up to Tokyo tomorrow and will personally check on the hotel accomdations and give the class a first hand report. I am sure that they will exceed our expectations as most Japanese hotels do their utmost for their clients.  Will try to have dinner at the Ma's.

Will update my words over the next few months.  Japan is as exciting, modern, and yet the mysterious place it was when we first arrived in the mid-50's.  

Don-Michael sends
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Elizabeth (Betty) Mori
retired Divorced 1968
Emi Hirsch (Kalischer)
Married 1 1969
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