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Ian Clarke
Deckhand Single 1966
Jan Holbrook (Faull)
retired Married 3 1966
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Janet Schwantes (Lockwood)
Profile picture
Retired Married 1 1966
     I left ASIJ in 1962 after 8th grade and went to high school in Burlingame California in the San Francisco bay area. I then went to the University of Washington in Seattle. After graduating I got a job at an actuarial consulting firm and married Jack Graves. Our son Eric was born in 1972. Other than a year in Pasadena, California, I stayed in Seattle until 1988. I earned my fellowship in the Casualty Actuarial Society in 1976, and worked as a consulting actuary until 2002.
     In 1988 I married Jerry Lockwood, a life actuary I met at work. Since he was then working in Cincinnati, Ohio, Eric and I moved to Cincinnati. In 2003 Jerry retired and we moved back to the Seattle area. We have enjoyed traveling in Europe, Asia, and South America. Next fall we have a trip planned to Bhutan and India. We also frequently vacation in Mexico and Hawaii. My sisters and I went to Japan in 2002, visiting Kyoto and Shikoku. At home, Jerry enjoys scrambling on the many non-technical peaks in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains.  I get exercise and coffee time with my jazzercise friends. I also belong to several book groups.
     I am really looking forward to seeing Tokyo again after 54 years and sharing Japan with my husband, Jerry. I have been to several previous ASIJ reunions, but this one promises to be special. 
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Jeanne See (Dixon)
retired Committed Relationship 2 1966
I am so hoping that Frank and I will be able to make it to the 50th in Tokyo in April!  I cannot say right now that I definitely will be there, but we will make every effort.  (Of course, the stumbling block is always the $money$.)  I haven't set foot in Japan since I left after graduation in June 1966, so this would be such a special life event.  

I was married for 18 years and have a daughter Kristin (43) currently living in Honolulu.  In 2009, I legally adopted Kristin's college roommate, Misty Cameron (37).  With Misty's adoption came my beloved 10-yr-old triplet grandsons (Damon, Julian and Casey Drury).  Misty and the boys live in Western Massachusetts.

Frank and I met in 1991, parted ways in 1994, and then reunited in 2012, after an 18-year "intermission"!  I doubt we'll ever actually get married, but we're as committed as any two senior citizens can be to each other.  We moved to Pleasanton CA (East Bay SF area) from Honolulu a year ago for a job opportunity for him, and we will probaby be here for a few more years, until he's ready to retire and go back to Honolulu for good.  

Those of you who are frequent international flyers:  What's the best/economical airline to fly from San Francisco to Tokyo?  I just checked United for 2 people, business class, from SFO-Tokyo/Tokyo-HNL/HNL to SFO, and I am still in shock!!
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Jeff Sheffer
CEO Married 2 1968
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Jerrie Okada (Kydd)
Registered Nurse Married 3 1967
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Joy Williams
Profile picture
retired professor Married 1 1968
Except for the years in college, grad school and a few years in China and Seattle, I have continued to live in Japan. In 1976 I married Jimmy Brown (Canadian Academy '66) and since neither of us really had a home town in the US, we ended up staying in Japan. For the past 25 years we've lived in Niigata Prefecture where we both  taught at a small college. The courses I taught were related to intercultural communication, comparative literature, poetry and films as a medium for language development and cultural understanding. Teaching and hanging out with students was always a delight. I retired last year and now I'm in the process of trying to figure out where to go and what to do with my life after retirement. For relaxation and "therapy" I love cooking, taking long walks, doing a bit of yoga and fiddling with ikebana style flower arrangements

We have a son, Shawn  -- a kind of "after-thought" child. He was born and raised in Japan. He attended local Japanese schools through the 9th grade and  went to Hokkaido International School in Sapporo for high school, then to the US for college. He's now working as a translator and also getting his MBA at UCLA.

I am not sure yet which events at the upcoming reunion I will be attending, but I look forward to getting re-acquainted with you all.
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Karl Moskowitz
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Management Advisor Married 1966
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Karl Moskowitz Married 1966
Looking forward to the reunion in Tokyo and going to school for a day on the 22nd.  

Although I only attended ASIJ for one year 1964-65, it was my awkward and impressionable junior year of high school and the Japan experience was a life changer for me, refocusing my interests in a new direction.   After a decade in academics specializing in modern Japanese and Korean history, I established my business consultng practice in Seoul and have been at it ever since.   Now semi-retired, but still have active clients.  Most of my engagements these days are  as "senior advisor" [komon (J)  komun (K)] to Korean SMB and mid-cap companies and the occasional North American or European firm.    Christine retired from her software company in 2011. 

We moved our US home from Boston to Honolulu in 1999, which also turned out to be a pleasant life changer.

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Katy Weekes (Brain)
retired Married 1 1969
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